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The Dark Elf Has Risen (Fuarie x Kreszentia)

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1 The Dark Elf Has Risen (Fuarie x Kreszentia) on Tue Jul 07, 2015 11:24 am


For years a tribe of elves has lived peacefully in the forest, lead by
one leader. The elves who lived there were happy and content, until a
dark elf rose up. The elves began to call him the Dark One. He demanded
power over the forest. The leader sensing darkness in his heart,
refused. A great battle raged, and many were killed. Eventually the
good leader defeated the Dark One, and he was cast out... but at the
sacrifice of his own life. Now the elves live leaderless and afraid...
afraid of the Dark One... Yet there are a few who are strong and
powerful, on both sides. The Dark One is rebuilding his army, and soon
he will attempt to take over the forest again. When, is unknown to all except the Dark One himself.

Chara Sheet:
Side: (with or against the Dark One?)
Bio: (optional)

Ageless in my Big Brother From A Different Mother I love you
Daughter Of Nyx - My Sister I love you
Fuarie - My Seestor From A Differnt Meestor Smile I love you


Name: Kanai of house Barrison Del'Armgo
Age: 120
Gender: Female
Powers: Because she is drow she can see in the dark. Create a flame that outlines the enemy and control a ball of darkness. Beyond that she carries a whistle that can turn her or anyone she wants into anything for a period in time. It is not permanent and the whistle was a gift from her god.
Side: With the Dark One
Bio: Kanai was sent to the surface on a mission. To reunite the drow with the surface elves and take back the world. However that ended up not happening and she wondered the surface since. Then heard tale of this dark one. She joined his side thinking that he was her god reincarnation of her god.

Name: Brigit Elverton
Age: 21
Gender: Female
controls elements, skilled with a blade
Side (with or against the Dark One?) : Against
Bio (optional):
 not sure.

Name: Elrod Nazarth
Age: unknown. Only he knows and doesn't like others knowing. But is one of the 3 oldest elves still alive.
Sex: Male
Elrod is the dark lord of all the evil elves. He is making an army and it is growing and growing. He is going to take over the elf land. He just has to wait for the right moment. He hates all those weak and good for nothing happy and cheerful elves. He just wishes everyone could be dark and evil like him and then he wouldn't have to kill anyone. He is a wonderful lover but only loves one person. This special lady that he has a huge love for. His heart is only open and soft for her. He would change everything and everything about him just for her . Good thing she is on his side. Or as far as he knows she is.


Name: Jacob
Age: 15
Bio. He is the dark lords son. His mom was abusive and a drinking and a drugie and she would never let him know who his father was until one day one of her drunken boyfriends let it slip. She wrote his mom and note and told her that he was leaving and that she would never see him again. As he was walking out the door with his stuff his mom came home. He said good=-bye to her and took off. Wants to start over new and live with a good parent. He hopes his dad will be that good parent and he will fight by his dad side. He always dreamed of going to war and being a hero. Is really tough for his age and looks like he is 19. Loves his dad right away and Kanai and thinks and hopes that they will be the perfectest family.


Age: unknown
Powers: Wonderful in combat. He is gifted by the moon elf god of war.
Side: With the Dark One
Bio: Medri helped Kanai make it out of the Underdark and onto the surface. He is mean and ill tempered especially when it come to her. The price that he asked for was a son and the boy now fallows his father and has a deep hatred for his mother.

(The picture did not show up so I could not move it over to here.)

Age: 80
Powers: Kitrye can summon creatures from the other worlds.
Side: With
Bio: Kitrye is Kanai's son and has  a deep hatred for the female that abandon him. He however is loyal to his father and willing to fight by Kanai's side for his father's sake.


Ageless in my Big Brother From A Different Mother I love you
Daughter Of Nyx - My Sister I love you
Fuarie - My Seestor From A Differnt Meestor Smile I love you


Elrod see her come into his tent.
He watched her as she walked over to him and whispered into his ear.

"Today could be going better, but it is a bit better knowing that you are here now. How are you doing? Better than you have been I hope? Has my son still been giving you some troubles?"
Elrod said to her.

Today was the day that they were to make some plans for this war that she just knew was going to happen. Brigit tried to get everyone together. This was going to be harder than she thought. Ugh. Why must everyone mostly be on that stupids man's side. We did not want him to take over. Why couldn't everyone see through is lies. He was going to kill them all and just keep the bad ones for himself. UGH!

I seen my new step-mom go into the tent to talk to my dad and so I decided to let them be. I decided to go down to the combat/training area and work some more on my sword fighting.

Kanai sighed gently. "Today is still a trial. The men constantly test my every move." She rolled her eyes and fixed a hair that was out of place."They are weary of a woman who is stronger then they are." She gave a huge sigh. "I presume that they think I am only in this position because I am what they call your 'whore'. Your son is doing well for someone so small. I wish though you had not put me in charge of his training he might think that I am being hard on him because I am being mean but that is not the case...if he is to be your son then he has to be strong."  Looking out at the other people in the tent she noticed the whispers. Kanai truly did whatever she wanted but even if she were not the Elrod's lover she would still do as such. It was just how she decided to be.

"Oh my darling please don't worry about such things, they will all come around, they are used to just having me as a ruler for so long. I am sure that some of it has to do with you being a female, but I think the biggest thing for them is that I have always been there commander and I swore up and down that I would never take a wife, because I honestly did not think that anyone could deal with what I do and how I am. But I was wrong and honestly I am more than happy that you had come into my life. And as for my boy, he won't think that you are being too mean to him. I was talking to him earlier and he was more than happy that you were training him. He says that it will help your guys bond and he is happy that you will let him call you mother, as we have both told you about how my Ex was. I can never ever forgive her for what she did to him. I do wish that I would have known sooner about him though because I would have saved him a long time from her, but I Think maybe he needed this to help him decide for himself about who and what she is."

I said to her with a smile and then I waited for her to answer me.

I was on my way back home from where I decided to go. The river was a nice place to clear my head. I was super excited to be trained by such a strong and strong-minded person. I wouldn't have anyone else train me. I am glad that my dad has found someone like her, someone who is a lot like him. I don't know what he seen in my mother but I Am sure she was probably different when they met. But I really like my step-mom and they seem to be great for each other!

Kanai smiled gently and slowly slipped onto the Dark One's lap. "I am very thankful to have you in my life, oh dear one." She said stroking her finger tips along his jaw line. "I do not fear your men. Eventually they will respect me or they will fear me. Either is a good tool for ruling a army." She leaned in to kiss him but stopped herself. Normally they were very private with their relationship, so she was going to stop herself in this moment to make sure that things stayed that way. Intimacy didn't really have place on the battlefield.

Back with Brigit a dark cloaked person came up beside her. "Hello, are you the one who leads the army against the rising of the dark one?" He asked his voice deep and rough. His shoulder were broad and he gave the appearance of a strong and yet scary man. His face was hidden under the cloak and hood but his eyes seemed to shine out from under the shadow like the moon. "I have a plan in which to defeat him but I want one thing in return!"

"As I am ever so grateful to have you in my life." 

Elrod said to her, and as she was pulling away, he gently grabbed her face into his and gave her a quick but good kiss. 

"It's okay he whispered nobody else is in here."

Elrod smiled at her and then looked around just to make sure. Sooner or later they would know though that there was more to this, but at that point it really won't matter. Kanai was right though, best to think about what is happening right now; but sometimes he couldn't help it ... she was just so perfect to him,

"I am more than grateful that you came into my life, and I wouldn't want it any other way. You may not think you are perfect but you are perfect to me, and trust me I wouldn't want you any other way."

Elrod even thought that sounded cheesey to him, but it was the truth and she deserved to know it.

Brigit was super excited but kind of scared at the same time, she had never seen this man before.

"Yes, yes I am. My name is Brigit."

Brigit said to the man as she extended her arm out towards him.

"And what is it that you would like in return?"
Brigit asked kind of weary.

Kanai smiled and returned the kiss with passion and smiled when he pulled away. "I wouldn't want my life any other way. Even if we are verge of a war. I do love fighting." Her smile widened and she leaned in to kiss him again this time deeper. "I know you want us to...finalize our joining but I believe it would be better after the war. People would think that I slept with you to get the power of this position and I want to show them that I am actually strong enough to lead the world with you." She gracefully got up off his lap and walked over to the table that housed a 3d wood map. 

"I believe they are gathering troops here...which is too close for my comfort. I believe that I should stay with the bulk of your army to fend them off...but you must go to another encampment...with your son."

The figure barely reached out to take her hand but he still shook it in a strong but not harmful grip. "I want his bitch to be my captive." He said matter of factly but one could sense a little bit of anger in his tone. "She would make a fine prize to take back and hang up before my god." He went and circled the map before her. "I can get into the camp....work my way up the ranks close to them....report back to you daily and when I gain enough trust I will slay him in his sleep."

As much as it would kill him to agree with her, Elrod knew that she was right. They were going to have to split up, and he knew then that he had to have her that he had to marry her. She was the perfect one to have at his side.
“But my Darling Darkness, as much as I would agree with you, yes I will go away with my son, but I think that we will have to finalize this joining before the war even starts, or before it gets too serious, this war could go on for years and years and I am not ready to wait that long to have you forever by my side. That is the only thing that I disagree with. Everything else I agree with you about.”
Elrod said to her and then got up to stand beside her.
“I also think that they are also coming from this way and that I will go that way with my son, I will drop him off at this camp with his uncle and then I will continue on. I do not want him killed, I do not want him endangered, as much as the same for you, but more so for him because he is just learning … and as fast as he is learning there is still much more that he needs to learn.”
Elrod sighed and then waited for an answer from her, somehow he knew that what he said was not going to go over too well with her.
“Well as good as that sounds, and I can say that I don’t know you very well, we have tried something like that even with our best, and I am not saying that you aren’t better but what makes you different than anyone else that has tried to do that. What makes you certain that you will be able to get in there and that you will be accepted, and what’s to say that you will for sure be able to move up in the ranks and report back to me like you say you will be able to. My brother tried that and died  … and there has been some others, it’s like they know you don’t belong there, and I have had people that were supposed to be on their side but left and then tried to go back… It’s not that I don’t believe you it’s just that that plan has been tried already.”

[size=16]Kanai sighed gently and leaned against the heavy wooden table and looked up at him since he was clearly taller then her. Crossing her arms over her chest she studied him for a long while. After a few long moments she sighed again and looked down. "Very well my Darling God. We can finalize our union before you leave..." She said coming in close to kiss him gently. "Only because I would not want to wait years either." She smiled gently and turned back to the map on the table. 

"I believe however that you should stay here...with each of us being far away from your son he would be less of a target..." She said  shifting her weight from one foot to the other. "The fact that very few know who exactly he is helps with the process of hiding him from the enemy."

The stranger let out a chuckle. "Because I have a history with woman. She owes me a huge debt and therefore she will not kill me. A bitch she might be but she is loyal to her beliefs and our gods made a deal long ago which keeps her from killing me." He explained and circled around Brigit checking her over from toe to the top of her head. "Do we have a deal?"

Elrod sighed slightly and then looked at her. He knew that she was right. Elrod kissed her on the lips and then started to talk.

"Yes my darling that does seem like a good idea, and you are right not many people except for the close ones here know who he is, not even all my men and women know yet that he is my son. I shall send him away to his uncles as soon as I can reach him and then we will start to worry about things around here, as I imagine my brother would have stuff on that end taken care of and under control. And I am super happy that you do want to make this happen before the war, I just think it would be best for everyone if we did."

Elrod said to her as he kissed her on the lips again.

I was playing down by the river just minding my own business when I thought that I heard some people coming. I wondered who it was because I knew that people were not allowed back here on my father's private spots unless they had permission and he didn't just give permission to anyone. I decided to stay out of the way and climbed up a big tree that hung above the river, but had lots of leaves so when I laid down I was hidden. I waited for the person to come under so I could see who it was, and I would report back to my father that someone(s) were trespassing on his private land.

Brigit sighed. She still wasn't sure about this man that was talking to her. 

"I don't know, I Am still unsure and I have just met you, and I don't trust people that I just meet. How do I know you aren't on his side and you aren't just trying to figure out what our plans are and that you won't go and report back to them?"

Brigit asked him while checking him out in the process.

Kanai slowly wrapped her arms around his neck so that the small kiss could be deepened as she went up onto her toes so that he wouldn't have to bend so low to reach her lips. With her heart pounding fast she couldn't deny that she was deeply in love with him. Something that she didn't think was possible when her race didn't believe in a thing called love. It was a new concept that she had learned about when she had reached the surface world. Slowly her hand fluttered down in a caress to his cheek and chest. 

The man chuckled gently. "Well I have not asked you for your plans. I have no interest in them and to be honest with you I am only helping you to get that wench. I have no interest in picking sides but I will lend my services to the ones who will help me achieve my goal and you know that he will not allow her from his side even if it could very well win him the war."

Elrod was so happy right this moment. No matter what else was going on in this world, he was happy with her and he wished that they would have met at a sooner time. That they would have found their love for each other sooner, instead of right near the start of this war. Which by any means, he knew they were going to win. They had this huge army, and tons of people on their side, and unless the other “good” elves could pull some magic bullshit out of their ass, Elrod and his allies were going to win.
Elrod kissed her back and laughed a little to himself. He was taller than her, not by too much, but enough that she had to go on her toes to be able to kiss him. He bent down slightly and kissed her on the lips more passionately so that she wouldn’t have to be on his tip toes. He knew that he would hear about it later because it would be bad for his back for bending down and its better for hers to be stretching it…
As soon as she touched his cheek and chest, he started to get hot all over.  He looked at her, and he couldn’t stop. She was so beautiful … so amazing … and yet she was his.
How did I end up with such a strong willed, beautiful woman as yourself? I ask this question every night and day and yet I get no answer. Not that I am complaining, no, I am not, but I still wonder what I did to have someone as great as you by my side, and to have someone as great as you for my son. I never thought that he would ever have a mother influence except for the one that gave birth to him.
Elrod kissed her gently and then awaited for a reply.
Brigit shook her head.
And see that is where you are wrong already. He lets her away from his side as much as she wants to be away from his side. She coaches and teaches his men. She helps them train … the only time that she is ever by his side is at night time when they go to bed. I don’t know where you are getting your information from, but I have seen it with my own eyes, they are apart from each other right now more than they are together. 

Brigit then eyed him more closely. And he said the exact words that she was waiting to hear. He didn’t care which side he was on, as long as he got what he wanted, and that right there made her not trust him, that didn’t want him apart of this, but something inside of her told her that maybe she should maybe let him. But then if he turned on them, they would be in deep deep trouble, or if he turned them again. Again she was back at square one. Could she or could she not trust this man.

Kanai smiled gently as he kissed her gently once more. "Sometimes things just happen. The fates work in mysterious ways and they some how saw it fit to lead me to you." She went back up on her toes, cupping his face in both hands as her body leaned against his, and pressed a deep kiss back on his lips pouring her feelings into the kiss trying to show him love though the action. Though it was strange to her and for the longest time she had to watch how other couples interacted in order to properly show him this strange affection. Where she came from there was no affection. They were more likely to kill a new born child then love and nurture it. She ventured from that place in the name of her god and after 20 years she found Elrod and he completely changed all those teachings that her people had drilled into her.

He simply smiled. "Good then my job should be easier then. I am of the moon elf tribe and a disciple under the god of war...I will lend you command of my army and report back the plans of the evil ones...all I want is that wench...and you and I both know he would hunt her down to the ends of this world if she was taken...so he must be defeated. I do not ask for information on your army, or plans, I won't ask for all around communication. I will send word of their plans and do not ask for any reply...therefore your trust in me does not have to be grand." He glanced around the tent. "Perhaps I can send you a prisoner...perhaps...his son?"

Elrod smiled and kissed her in between the kisses that she was giving him. His heart felt different than it has ever felt before. For once he actually felt love, for once he knew that she was the one. For once he knew that she was not going to try and mess up his life. He was finally happy, like really happy and for that he could not ask for more.
Elrod then looked at her the most serious. 

"Well I guess we should go and find Jacob and talk to him about what is going to go on. I will let him pick which uncle that he wants to go and stay with. He has a couple of them over there, and both of them have great protection. So I will let him pick where he would like to go, as I want him to feel that he has choices in what goes on. He is my son after all and I don’t want him to feel like he can’t make any decisions for himself about what is happening."

Elrod knew that she would agree with him. She was amazing like that. There was no constant fighting and they could always make a solution to something if they did disagree. But in the end they always came out stronger than they were before. He loved that she loved his little boy and it meant the world to him. He didn’t think that he would be able to find someone that would accept him because he already had a child. Most woman around here were selfish and only wanted what was best for them … 
Yes Elrod though to himself. I have a great woman on my hands. One that I don’t deserve but I will stick around as long as she will have me.
Jacob started to walk back to his fathers camp. He was looked around, trying to see if he could find out anything that would help them with this war that was happening. After sighing, Jacob then started walking back to the tent to see what was going on.
Brigit looked at this man like he was crazy. Did he really think that he was going to get in there just like that. Did he really think that the task that he thought was going to be so easy? They were going to slaughter him, but if that is what he wanted, well there was going to be no changing his mind.

“If you could possibly do that; that would be great.”

Brigit still thought this man was completely nuts.

Kanai smiled at him gently and gave a small nod. "Of course it is important to a child to allow them to feel as if they can control something in their lives I am sure." She said gently taking a few steps back from them so she could look him in the eye as they talked. "Would you like me to bring him to you my lord?" She asked turning back into the serious war fighting servant. "He seems to have been gone for a long time as it is."

The man simply smiled and bowed gently. "As you wish my lady." Slowly he reached into his back pocket and produced something from it. Holding out his hand he waited for her's before dropping the small crystal key into it. "I already sent for my men. As long as you wear this...they will follow your orders with such loyalty you will wounder if they can think independent." He instructed before taking his leave to make his way to the camp of the Dark Elves.

Jacob was just coming back onto the property by his father’s tent when he seen that his new step-mom whom he loved very dearly, she was his mother, he would never ever call that other woman his mother again. She might have been his biological mother but she definitely was not his mother. Jacob looked happily to see her, but she looked like she had something serious on her mind. Jacob slowly walked up to her, taking precaution. 
“Hello Mother and how are you this morning? Did I miss anything?”
Jacob had hoped that he didn’t miss anything, especially no battle planning. He knew that they weren’t going to let him actually be involved in the fighting part of the battle, but he hoped that they would let him be involved in other ways. Like with planning and stuff.
Elrod nodded at her as she left his tent on search for their son. Well not actually her son, but that is pretty much what they both thought of him and they knew that he felt the same way. Elrod got up and ready to tend to some more planning for the battle that was about to happen. There was some things that he hoped they could talk with Jacob about, and that he would promise that Jacob could help his uncle (whichever one he chose to live with) with the planning and the strategies and stuff, as long as he promised to behave while he was there.
Brigit took the strange item from him and she laughed a little bit. She knew exactly what this was. She had been controlled by one before, when a dark elf had captured her. That was her first mistake and boy did she ever learn from that mistake. She was rescued but was told that if she was captured again because of poorly thinking that they would not rescue her. She has never ever made that mistake again. She took it cautiously but knew that she would need these men to help her with what needed to be done, she just hoped that she would be able to do it. Brigit nodded at the man as he walked away and all of his people stayed in place behind her. Brigit decided to test out the amulet to make sure that they weren’t just pretending and that they were going to kill her. 

Brigit ordered the men to stand on one foot and hop up and down 10 times. The men instantly followed every command that she said. She made them stick out their tongues, she even made 2 of the men kiss each other. After she had realized that she was convinced enough, she ordered them back to their camp and she gave them rooms to stay in.

[size=16]Kanai sighed gently when she saw the boy. "You have been gone for far to long. Your father would like to talk to you please go to his tent now and don't run off like that again. This is the time of a war and people will use you against your father without even thinking twice." She scolded. She was always a little harsh but she didn't know how else to be since her parents were always mean and critical on her. This was definitely a learning experience for her. 

Slowly she lead the boy to the tent of his father. "He was on his way back to the camp when I found him. He seems to be safe and I don't think anyone followed him." With that she went and leaned against the table that had the map ontop of it. "I told him there was something that you would like to speak to him about."

The man smiled gently as he started to make his way to the encampment. He knew that his plan would work. Kanai had made a promise on the God's that she wouldn't kill him or ever turn him away. The deal was complete on a very special day and this deal was only going to get better and better because unlike her, he could kill her if he wished so.

Jacob nodded at his step-mom.
"I am sorry. I did not mean to be gone as long as I was. Please forgive me, and then I will go in and talk to my father right away."
Jacob waited there by his step-mom and awaited for her answer before he walked through the tent flap to talk to his father.

Elrod nodded at Kanai and then as she was turning around to leave, he interrupted.
"Please do stay. You are apart of his life just as much as I am and you know that he will want you here just as much as I do. We are a family and this will be a decision made by all of us."

Elrod pleaded to her with his eyes.

Brigit still thought that that man was crazy. No matter what and she knew pretty greatly that he was not going to succeed as much as he thought he was going to.

Kanai nodded gently as she stepped back into the tent. "I shall stay...you are not in trouble Jacob." She reassured the boy. "At least not with us...we are concerned with you getting into trouble by getting caught by the enemy. They would not hesitate to use you against your father." She said as gentle as possible but even then it might sound a little harsh. She wasn't really one to be gentle or subtle. 

Slowly the man made his way to the Dark Elf camp. He knew that Kanai couldn't kill him and that Elrod would honor the agreement that he and Kanai had. Just because they were considered evil didn't mean that they were completely bad. They had some strong points. 

Jacob was very relieved to hear that he was not in trouble with his father and his step mom. Although his parents had never shown their anger towards them, he has seen both of them plenty mad and he did not want to see that directed towards him. Jacob nodded his head and continued farther into the tent. Jacob looked at his father and seen that his father had the look of concern on his face. This was probably not a good thing that they were about to talk about. Jacob looked back and forth between his father and his step mom and then sat down in his chair in between his father and his step moms. After his step-mom sat down in the chair on the other side of him, Jacob spoke.
“Father what is it that seems to have caused great concern on your face?”
Elrod nodded at his son and at his wife. Elrod then took a deep breath and then started to speak.

“Jacob my son, you know that I do not want you in the direct war, as much as you want to, I would appreciate it if you would stay back, just for this one, this one is going to be one of the biggest and hardest wars, and I will be losing enough men and people as it is, I do not want to lose you just yet, you are still very young and you have a bright life ahead of you. Please just accept this. And that is the only part of this decision that you don’t have a say in. Everything else you have a say in. You can go and live with one of your uncles, either your uncle Adrian or your uncle Alastor. The choice will be up to you, and then choices that you make there, will be to help them and assist them with this war, you just cannot be active in the war. You can help with the supplies and that stuff, but I do not want you fighting in it. Maybe when you are just a little bit older. I have brought you up to know that if it came to it that you could be able to fight, but I am hoping this will not come to that. Whichever you choose to pick though, you will be helping guard the supplies, and stuff from the enemy, so you will be fighting, because you know they will try and do whatever they can to take out all of our supplies, but you just will not be in a HUGE war. I hope that you can accept this and know that in the future I do have war plans for you and especially when you are King then you can be in wars as much or as little as you want, but as for now I would love for you to keep safe.”

Jacob thought about what his father had said long and hard, and since right now Jacob was the only son, he would be king, and when his dad and his step-mom had a kid, if it was a boy, Jacob would be the King first, or have the option first anyways. 
“Thank you Father, and I agree with you completely, what good is a dead King, if I am dead then there will be noboy to lead after you. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, and for talking to me about this without just doing it. Can I have today to think about it, and I will let you guys know at supper time which uncle I would like to go and live with?

“Yes son, that is fine, you may go to yoru thinking spot if you would like but please don’t wander too far. Think about what we just talked about and what you need to do and what you will have to do.”
Jacob then nodded at his father and goy up from his chair and he went to his tree house to do some thinking.
Elrod then looked at Kanai.
“That went overly well don’t you think?”

Once the men were all in their rooms and getting ready for guarding the camp for tonight. Brigit went back outside and waited to hear word of what was going on. Brigit still didn’t believe 100% on what was really happening. Brigit didn’t really believe that this man could do what he claimed that he could do.

Kanai nodded gently. "I wouldn't say overly well...he has always been an obedient boy he wouldn't argue unless the topic was truly enraging to him." She spoke in a low voice looking in the direction in which the boy had left. Something inside of her was telling her something was still off in their camp. After a few moments a man would run in and prove that her gut instinct was right. "My Lord, the patrols have picked up on a trespasser." The solider said after he bowed. 

"Trespassers are found every day...what reason is that for you to report the Dark One?" Kanai scolded.

"The trespasser he asks for you by name...he said his name is Medri...he said he was your ally." Kanai was taken back by this. Medri was a person she had hoped she would never hear from again but since the deal that she made to him was bind by blood she had no choice but to accept him.

"I do know of this man...he could still be dangerous...take him to the cages and I shall meet with him there." She ordered gently trying not to look to worried. "I want two men on the Dark One and on Jacob at all times while this male is in the camp...I do not trust him." As the man left she looked back up to Elrod. "Please excuse me while I take care of this matter."

As soon as he was captured Medri used his magic to communicate with one of his men in secret. That man would run to Brigit's tent. "Miss I have word from my Lord. He said that his plan is going according to plan and that he should be in their camp at the Dark One's side by dawn." The man informed her.

Elrod nodded at Kanai. Elrod trusted her instincts especially when it was someone that she knew.
Are you sure that you do not want me to come and help you?
Brigit was surprised when someone just walked into her tent without her commanding him to. Brigit didn’t know whether to believe him or not, but she knew either way it made no difference to her, until there was evidence.

Very well. Thanks, please go back to your station 

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