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Hello Death, Goodbye Locust (KressiexRhea)

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26 Re: Hello Death, Goodbye Locust (KressiexRhea) on Sun Jun 12, 2011 2:41 pm


I watched everyone really closely. Strangely enough the storm was keeping the locust away. Which was weird, because it has never bothered them before, and with all the new locusts coming out that is crazy... They shouldn't be hiding from the water, or maybe they really just didn't know where we were hiding out, which is a good thing then we will have an easy night. Them out of the corner of my eye I seen a BOOMER coming out and doing some rounds. I went over to where Baird and Loki were and I loaded up my sniper rifle, and I cleared his head right off with one shot. That looked like the only one right now, which was fine with me.

I watched Marcus kill the BOOMER, that is good, I didn't know where my sniper rifle was, it was MIA at the moment. So I started looking for it.

((is my second character Cole or Dom?))

Ageless in my Big Brother From A Different Mother I love you
Daughter Of Nyx - My Sister I love you
Fuarie - My Seestor From A Differnt Meestor Smile I love you

27 Re: Hello Death, Goodbye Locust (KressiexRhea) on Sun Jun 12, 2011 9:56 pm


Loki woke to look at Marcus and watched him kill a Locust, she felt tired more than she should of and winced. Her shoulder was slightly burning and there was a tightness in her gut. She looked down a bit. She realized what the problem was and closed her eyes before looking at Dom and Marcus. "Someone take my place, I need to leave you guys for a bit." She didn't wake baird, she wanted him to sleep.

(I'm Baird, Cole and my character your marcus and dom and tai)

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