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Two strongh one short (Liz&Azael&Abbadon)

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1 Two strongh one short (Liz&Azael&Abbadon) on Thu Feb 03, 2011 4:17 am


The three lands had lived in peace but of course peace only last for so long. The Land of Dark and cast a long shadow over the The Land of Earth and Land of Fire begain to burn down the Land of Earth.
Now at war the eart people are underground or inslaved by the dark people and the fire people. Thought there is word that the Dark prince and the Fire princess was match to be married and join the 2 land to take full control of the 3 lands.
As a prewedding gift their parents went in and got them their own place and set with their own personal Earth slave their home sit where all 3 lands join. In the City call Three point but used to be called Royal Crown Point it was where all the big party was thrown for all 3 lands before the war.

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2 Re: Two strongh one short (Liz&Azael&Abbadon) on Thu Feb 03, 2011 8:31 am


Trea Lyneya
Trea part of one of last of the lady of earth land as she was inslave as a child and the rest of her family was killed her mind nearly whip clear of anything of her name. Trea Lyneya was the name her owners named her as she was traded around until she lated in the hands of the rules of the dark land and fire land. There she was train into being the best slave they could come up with for their son and daughter for thier wedding gift. Will she get her memoriy back or will she forever bow down to her new master and mistress.

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3 Re: Two strongh one short (Liz&Azael&Abbadon) on Fri Feb 04, 2011 12:23 am

*Angelic Azrael*

*Angelic Azrael*
Camila Haven
Fire Princess/Engaged
Camila is the lady of fire engaged to the dark lord. Her parents and his agreed to have their first borns marry once they are old enough to tie the kingdoms togther. Growing up with the dark lord was never easy but she began to learn to live and learn and even depened on him in certan times. As the say gets near to their wedding day their bond gets stronger. As a gift their parents had got them a house in the Earth Kingdom with their very own earth slave.
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