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Chapter 10 - Love Cna Heal

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1 Chapter 10 - Love Cna Heal on Fri Jan 14, 2011 8:06 am


“How can you have done that to us, Harry?” asked Ron for the thousandth time.

“Shut up and eat your chocolate frog,” said Harry weakly.

“Why don’t you have some, Harry?” asked Hermione.

“I can’t until I finish this disgusting thing,” said Harry making a face and lifting a goblet-full of the most horrible tasting potion he ever had.

Hermione and Ron were visiting Harry at St. Mungo’s Hospital where he has been for the past two weeks. Ron was eating most of the junk food sent to Harry by his many admirers, and Hermione was reading ‘The Daily Prophet’.

“They’re working on writing a book about you, Harry,” said Hermione amused. She knew Harry couldn’t stand the idea, but she thought it was about time that people appreciated him for all he has been through to save the world.

“Ugh,” said Harry taking another sip.

“Why don’t you just drink the whole thing quickly and be done with it?” asked Hermione reasonably.

“Shut up Hermione. I’d like to see you try it,” gagged Harry, “isn’t Draco’s trial happening today?”

“Yes, and I hope he gets life in Azkaban,” stated Ron.

“No you don’t, Ron, He is a nasty brat but he is not evil. And I am happy you finally came to your senses and agreed not to testify against him.”

“You’re too soft, Harry, he has done some really terrible things,” protested Ron.

“Yes and to him living with the guilt of causing Dumbledore’s death is bad enough. He regretted joining Voldemort. He couldn’t have pulled it through. You should have seen him. He almost gave in to Dumbledore until the other death eaters came. He wasn’t going to kill him.”

“You’re forgetting that he also caused you to be captured and tortured by the death eaters.” Said Hermione.

“That’s because he was in disgrace for not killing Dumbledore. He had to prove himself to Voldemort or he would have killed him. He grew up with the worst kind of Death Eater family you can imagine. The Malfoys are far worse than the Blacks, and you saw what happened to Regulus. He is only a child.”

“Really? And what are you? You’re the exact same age as Draco. Would you have done something like that?” retorted Ron angrily.

“I can’t know that. I never knew my parents but I bet that if they were evil as the Malfoys and would have cared for me as his parents did for him, I would not have wanted to disappoint them.” Said Harry quietly.

Madam Pomphrey walked into the room. “You’d better finish your potion. You’re due for your next one in an hour. Surely you want to eat something in between doses.”

“Come on, Harry, you don’t want them to force feed it to you again,” said Hermione.

Harry looked at his goblet and sighed.

“For Ginny,” said Hermione gently, “you look and feel so much better after each dose, and Ginny is on her way. Don’t you want to be in better shape for her?”

Harry shut his eyes tight, held his thumb and forefinger to his nose, and in one gulp the goblet was emptied.

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