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Alternate Ending: Harry Lives

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1 Alternate Ending: Harry Lives on Fri Jan 14, 2011 8:05 am


Harry was floating around looking down at his battered body, wondering why everyone was so upset. He himself was as comfortable as he never was during his whole life. There was none of that sharp pain from Voldemort’s spell, none of that agony of being attached to a wicked soul, no sadness, just serene happiness. It was bliss. Then he noticed a long dark tunnel and he knew that his family would be on the other side. He was so excited to see them; he was euphoric. He went right into that tunnel and saw that far -far ahead there was a wonderful light. He tried to float as quickly as possible towards that light but a form coming from there towards him stopped him. He looked to see who it was and realized to his jubilation that it was Dumbledore.

“Professor Dumbledore!” exclaimed Harry in excitement, “it’s so great to see you again!”

Dumbledore smiled happily at Harry giving him a piercing look. It was like the old times . . .

“Listen, Harry, that potion that Professor Snape made you drink right before you floated here is a very strong draft invented by Severus himself. It’s a potion to stopper death. We didn’t think it would work, as it was never used on anyone before, but it did. You can float right back to your body if you choose to do so.”

“Are you nuts, Professor Dumbledore?” asked Harry astonished, “why in the world would I ever want to go back to that broken, bloody body? I want to go to the light, I want to see my parents!”

“I won’t deny that you body is in terrible shape, Harry, and it will probably be painful to return to it. You will need to take many disgusting potions to heal and, I imagine it might take months to get it back to working order. However, if you see any reason to endure such a painful recovery you now have that choice.”

“I don’t see any reason. I want to be with you, with my parents,” said Harry confidently, looking past Dumbledore for the light, anxious to get through.

“It’s your decision, Harry, but I advise you to look down again before you make your final choice.”

“Oh, but I don’t want to go backwards out of the tunnel,” blurted Harry.

“Just one time. Please, just sneak a peek.” pleaded Dumbledore.

“OK, but it won’t change my mind,” he declared.

Reluctantly, Harry floated back towards the other end of the tunnel and saw his body again. He saw the people around it: Snape and Lupin; he was happy to see they will be friends. He saw Ron and Hermione who just arrived breathless; he knew they will be OK; they will have each other. But behind them, he saw a red headed girl, looking forlorn and dejected. Walking slowly towards his body.

Harry suddenly felt such powerful, overwhelming love that he didn’t even look back at Dumbledore. Before Ginny reached his side he was already coughing, breathing painfully through his torn lungs.

“Ginny . . .” was all he managed to say before he was put on a stretcher and carried to St. Mungo’s hospital where he will slowly heal.

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