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Chapter 7 - Equal In Dark Powers

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1 Chapter 7 - Equal In Dark Powers on Fri Jan 14, 2011 8:02 am


Harry arrived at Little Hangleton with the snake wrapped around him for side-along apparation.

He looked around and saw in what used to be a garden, but has become a jumble of overgrown weeds, a circle of people. He quietly tiptoed closer and saw that the people in the circle were Death Eaters and they were all discussing Harry. Voldemort was fuming about how Harry escaped and was cursing every Death Eater in charge that night. Nagini was slithering around Voldemort.

Harry quietly hissed instructions to his snake. “You see that snake over there? Go to her and convince her to join you on a romantic walk or, er-, slither. Bring her here to me, and I will kill her. But don’t forget: be very careful what you say to her. That man in the circle understands your language.”

A few minutes later, Nagini was laying dead at Harry’s feet and the last horcrux was destroyed. After thanking the Boa Constrictor, Harry walked right into the circle of Death Eaters.

“I think I have some things you might have been looking for.” announced harry to voldemort in a clear and carrying voice.

“This, I believe was your mother’s locket,” said harry viciously throwing the locket at Voldemort, “your old diary, Hepziba’s cup, your grandad’s ring, and the wand you stole from Mr. Ollivender.” as harry was naming all the items he threw each of them at Voldemort’s feet.

The Death Eaters around them immobilized with shock, and paralyzed by the energy generating from Harry, would never have thought that this same young teen radiating such power and confidence, could have possibly been trembling with fear and drowning in sorrow a mere hour ago.

“Have I missed anything, Voldemort?” asked Harry callously as he dodged another killing curse with proficient ease.

“Yes,” said Voldemort and started hissing for his snake.

Harry laughed with malice. “Nagini is dead, Voldemort,” he hissed back in parseltongue.

“You destroyed all of them, then.” said Voldemort carelessly, “and now you came here with the belief that you can fight me?” Voldemort started to laugh. “You’ve got some nerve. You might be good at escaping, you pathetic little boy, but do you really think you are a match to Lord Voldemort? Do you think that because you got some of my powers you can actually win? You don’t even know the existence of most of those powers let alone how to use them.”

“I know about the power to posses,” said Harry advancing at voldemort “and I figured out how to use it.”

“Really,” cackled voldemort, “and, say you manage to posses me, what would that do?”

“I will make you walk into the archway of death in the department of mysteries. Through the veil.”

“Well, you can’t do that without getting yourself killed, Harry. You don’t really intend to do that, now, do you?”

“I do,” said harry looking straight into Voldemort’s scarlet eyes as he lunged onto him; attacking the creature within him; holding tightly onto its’ coils; ignoring the pain.

To the Death Eaters around them watched as voldemort suddenly became stiff and started walking hypnotically toward the ministry of magic. The Death Eaters were running around what looked like Voldemort in frenzy pointing their wands asking for directions. . .

“Go ahead, kill us,” said Harry’s voice from Voldemort’s mouth, “it will be much quicker that way. Less painful.” The agony of holding onto a soul such as Voldemort’s was past endurance.

Harry noticed that the creature was fighting.He realizedthat he will have to risk trying to apparate with Voldemort right into the department of mysteries. He didn’t think he could keep his hold long enough to walk there. For one, the pain was beyond imagination; and Voldemort must have known how to fight this kind of thing because Harry felt at some point as if his grip was loosening and they were not so tightly fused together.

Harry and Voldemort appeared with a loud crack in the room with the archway. Many more pops meant that the death eaters apparently knew where to find their master.

But Voldemort fought. At times Harry had to use all his concentration just to keep them bound, not caring that he was not the one possessing. For Voldemort was possessing Harry too as Harry was becoming weaker.

To those standing around Harry and Voldemort it was a horrible sight to behold. Both Harry and Voldemort were fading into each other screaming in pain; running at certain points towards the veil - and away from it as they struggled.

They kept wrestling for a long while until both fell apart shivering on the ground.

Voldemort was the frist to recover. He got up, staggered towards Harry, and deprived of his wand, (both wands were left at the riddle house) did a sort of wandless magic as if throwing something at Harry.

At once Harry felt as if many small swords cut into his chest and blood was pouring out. He looked at Voldemort- eyes wide with shock. The sharp pain shocked Harry out of his shivering state. Voldemort was laughing in a high cruel cackle.

Suddenly Snape was at Harry’s side handing him the griffindor sword. Harry knew right away what he must do. With the last bit of his strength, he swung the sword cleanly across Voldemort’s shoulders.

An instant later, Voldemort’s head was rolling on the ground as his body crumpled. Harry, triumphant but defeated, fell face forward right on top of Voldemort’s vanquished form; blood from his chest spilling and mingling with Voldemort’s blood forming one big pool.

Snape reached for Harry turning him around and performing spells in a futile attempt to revive him. When these attempts were proven hopeless, he took out a bottle from his robes and forced Harry to drink it.

Harry felt great peace coming over him and tried hard to fight it. He opened his eyes and saw Snape’s useless efforts. Suddenly harry felt a desperate need to talk to snape, to clear the terrible weight of his father’s guilt.

“Professor Snape, sir . . .” whispered Harry every word causing him to get weaker, “please . . . don’t hate . . . my . . . father . . .”

“Don’t strain yourself, Potter,” Snape was saying his face expressionless. “Just relax and concentrate on staying alive.”

Harry felt more life ebbing away as his heart slowed almost to a stop. He felt himself starting to drift away from his body. He held as tightly as he could; with all the strength he could muster to Snape’s arms trying to bring him closer; to listen.

“please . . . listen to me . . ." his words were barely a whisper "my father . . . was . . . wrong . . . but please . . . forgive him . . . don’t . . . hate . . .”

There was a convulsion in Harry’s body, and his face relaxed.

Snape was working with increasing intensity: dabbing Harry’s forehead and hands with potion from his bottles, telling him to ‘get up Potter’, yelling at Draco for not helping . . .

It was in this state that the members of the Ministry and ofthe Order found them when they came to arrest the remaining Death Eaters.

When Lupin arrived he took one look at the scene and hurried over towards Harry and Snape.

“Snape has gone mad” mumbled Draco his face pale with fear.

Lupin looked at Harry, then he looked at Snape, who was yelling at everyone, spit flying from his mouth, demanding to bring healers; attacking the Order members for caring more about catching Death Eaters than bringing help . . .

Lupin acknowledged the fact that there was nothing left to be done for Harry. He walked straight to Snape and held him forcibly by the elbows.

“There’s nothing more to do, Severus,” he told him quietly struggling to keep him pinned, “it’s over, you did what you could. Let him be.”

For a moment Snape looked like he was going to murder Lupin, but suddenlySnape's face was screwed up against the howl of misery fighting to get out of him.

Lupin put his arms around Snape, and he broke down completely. It was as if all the guilt and anger and bitterness bottled up inside him for years came flooding out in torrents. As if the wall of steel around his heart came tumbling down, and all his emotions burst forth with the force of a tsunami. Snape’s whole body was shaking hard with bursts of loud sobs.

“It’s all my fault,” he kept hiccuping, “James, Lilly, and now Harry . . . all my fault!”

No one has ever seen Snape like this. In fact no one can honestly say they ever saw him cry at all. Not even as a child. As the members of the Ministry and the Order packed the last of the Death Eaters onto azkaban they looked at each other in astonishment despite their bereavement.

“I never thought he cared so much for Potter” they kept whispering.

Lupin held onto Snape, tears rolling down his own cheeks, as he looked at his best friend’s son. Through his intense grief he knew he must send a patonus message to Harry’s friends.

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