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Chapter 5 - Parseltongue

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1 Chapter 5 - Parseltongue on Fri Jan 14, 2011 7:59 am


Harry, Ron, and Hermione arrived at Number Twelve Grimmauld Place tired, but in great spirits. Hermione was the first to reach the fireplace.

“Hey! We are out of Floo Powder!” she exclaimed.

“Really? What are we going to do?” said Ron, “We promised Ginny we would return to Hogwarts with the news.”

“Maybe we can apparate to Hogsmeade Village, and go into Hogwarts from there,” said Harry.

“But that’s too dangerous!” gasped Hermione, looking aghast at the idea.

“I have my invisibility cloak,” said Harry, who since Dumbledore died has kept his invisibility cloak with him at all times.

“Ok, then, let’s go.”

They apparated to Hogsmeade Village, right near Zonko's Shop. It was really hard to walk, as all three friends grew to almost the size of adults. Their feet were showing every time they felt they must straighten up; their backs were aching from crouching. But they walked on, slowly and quietly.

Suddenly, Harry heard a hissing voice from under their feet say, “Nice to see you again.”

Harry jumped, causing the invisibility cloak to fly up almost to their knees.

“What happened?” whispered Hermione fearfully, “Be careful!”

“Someone just spoke!” said Harry looking all around.

“What do you mean, I didn’t hear anything!” said Ron.

“Why are you so afraid? Look at me, I’m talking to you,” hissed the voice again, and this time, Harry recognized parseltongue.
Harry quickly brandished his wand, and looked around wildly, forgetting to worry about staying invisible.

Ron and Hermione looked terrified, as Harry turned around and around in panic, looking for the source of the voice.

Suddenly, Hermione screamed.

Harry turned to look, and saw her pointing to the ground. A huge snake was uncoiling itself toward Harry. He looked at the snake, and suddenly, let out an “Oh!” of relief.

“Hello, my friend,” said Harry happily, in parseltongue, “Why are you not in Brazil?”

“I couldn’t find the way. I find England to be quite comfortable, though. How have you been doing, though, you seem very jumpy. I thought you would recognize me right away; who else can speak my language?”

“Oh, you don’t want to know,” said Harry, but suddenly, a thought occurred to him. “Have you met any other human who can talk to you?”

“No, never,” replied the Boa Constrictor, “I don’t think there are any people who can. I have been around humans for years while at the zoo, and even now, I’ve never met anyone like you. You did grow up nicely.”

Harry looked around at Ron and Hermione. Both looked at him in awe. He suddenly realized, that, neither of them could understand what was going on.

“Hey, remember I told you about that Boa Constrictor I set free before I knew I was a wizard?” said Harry, “Well, here he is. Er - I guess you can’t really say hello, though,” smiled Harry.

“Listen,” he told the snake, “We are kind of on the run so we er - have to run. But it was swell seeing you again.”

“Ssame here,” said the snake, “Ssorry I gave you such a fright.”

Harry was readjusting the cloak over Ron and Hermione when a thought suddenly occurred to him.

“Ssay,” hissed Harry in parseltongue, “Would you be around this area for a while? I would really like to see you again.”

“Sure, I’ll hang around for a while.”

“Thankss,” said Harry, and walked away with his friends.

“You know, it’s really creepy the way you can speak to it,” said Ron.

“Sorry,” said Harry.

As they made their slow progress to the castle, Harry was deep in thought. It suddenly dawned on him how much danger Ron and Hermione were in. It might have been true that Voldemort and his Death Eaters couldn’t touch them, but there are many other ways to kill...

Harry remembered how Quirrell cursed his broomstick during Quidditch. Ron was Quidditch Captain this year for Gryffindor. He remembered the basilisk. What was stoping Voldemort from creating another one, or sending an army of snakes after them?

He could send an army of Dementors. Those dementors in Scotland could have easily finished Ron and Hermione. Voldemort hadn’t known that Harry would be there with them. Harry was the only wizard besides for Dumbledore who would produce a Patronus against hundreds of Dementors at once.

Voldemort can poison them or send them cursed necklaces...there were so many ways to kill someone, with out having to touch them.

Harry was so worried for his friends; he didn’t want to let them out of his sight. He knew that he must kill Voldemort as soon as possible. Now that all the Horcruxes, besides Nagini, were finished, he couldn’t let it wait. Especially not now, knowing that Pettigrew probably informed Voldemort about Ron and Hermione being in that cave. Now, Voldemort knows, that at least one of his well-protected Horcruxes could be distroyed. How long would it take him to check on all his Horcruxes and see they were all gone? Would Voldemort then decide to create more Horcruxes? How long would that take?

When Harry met his old friend, the Boa Constrictor, he decided it was time to stop relying on Hermione for plans. He knew he must form his own, and he did; right then and there. He will send the snake to trick Nagini into leaving Voldemort’s side. Harry will then kill her with the Griffindor sword. Then when Nagini is gone, Harry knew what he must do.

“I will do it,” thought Harry steeling himself, “I have to; there is no other way.”

“Are you all right?” Hermione asked, looking at Harry.

“Sure, yeah, I’m fine...” mumbled Harry as they reached the gates of Hogwarts.

Hermione quickly undid the spells and enchantments protecting the castle, and within minutes they were safely in Hogwarts grounds. They took off the invisibility cloak, and started walking much faster towards the castle.
Harry kept stealing glances at Hagrid’s hut, which looked dark and desolate. Hagrid was in St. Mungo’s, badly injured, during a battle with a bunch of giants. He fought alongside Madam Maxime and his little brother Grawp.

Harry thought about Hagrid’s bravery and realized that his own task was just another thing that must be done. Evil must be vanquished once and for all, he thought as they reached the castle doors. Even though...

“Put your invisibility cloak on,” said Ron, “You never know who might be up - even at this time of the night.”

As Harry walked through the corridors he was overwhelmed with emotion. He knew this would be the last time he would see Hogwarts. He looked around and noticed every detail as if this was the first time he was seeing it.

“Puplewear,” said Hermione, as the reached the portrait of the Fat Lady.

The portrait swung open, and Harry, Ron, and Hermione walked into the Griffindor Common Room. They looked around, and saw Ginny sitting on the couch by the fire, asleep, her cheeks streaked with tears.

“Ginny,” said Ron gently shaking Ginny awake, “We’re here.”

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