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Chapter 2 - At The Mercy of the Dark Lord

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1 Chapter 2 - At The Mercy of the Dark Lord on Fri Jan 14, 2011 7:55 am


When Voldemort and his Death Eaters reached their headquarters, Harry saw them reform the circle around Voldemort and himself, and for the first time he noticed that all of the Death Eaters were there. The circle was complete. Harry looked around and saw Draco Malfoy’s gray eyes and short form. He wondered if it was Draco who informed Voldemort about Harry’s love for the Weasley Family. No other Death Eater knew Harry’s friends as well as Draco. He also recognized Snape’s black eyes and spidery form. Harry looked at Snape with hatred and disgust.

“So. What did your precious headmaster tell you about me?” asked Voldemort, “How was he planning to finish off the most powerful wizard ever born?”

Harry avoided Voldemort’s eyes, trying to stop him from preforming Legilimancy. He knew it was useless. Voldemort will find out everything about the Horcrux hunt he, Ron and, Hermione were working on. But he had to try and hide as much information as possible. What if Ron and Hermione decided to go on without him? Voldemort would surely set them a trap at the place where the Horcrux was. Even if they were protected by Harry’s love, Voldemort could still trap them or hurt them in other ways if they were a threat to him.

“Look at me Potter,” snapped Voldemort, “Don’t try to hide anything from me because I will find out anything I want to in the end.”

Harry was determined to keep his head down.

“Crucio!” yelled Voldemort.

Again Harry felt pain in every part of his body. The pain didn’t stop this time, it continued getting worse and worse until he felt he was going to explode - and then it stopped.

“Now can you tell me what you know about my immortality?”

Harry looked up in fear for a split second forgetting that he shouldn’t.

"Oh, yes, Harry Potter, you let me see into your mind while you were twitching on the ground. I found out enough to know that you were told something about my immortality."

Harry looked at the ground wondering how long it would be before Voldemort found out everything.

“Look up Harry, I see you are trying hard to hide something from me and I want to know what it is.”

Voldemort grabbed Harry by the front of his robes and lifted him up to face him. Harry turned his head away desperately. Voldemort laughed.

“Crucio!” he said again and Harry felt excruciating pain, but this time, Harry concentrated hard on keeping where he was and why he was there out of his mind. His thoughts just before the pain started was about how Dudley punched him as a very small child.

“Damn it!” shouted Voldemort in anger, throwing Harry to the floor, “What do I care about your stupid Muggle childhood! Can you be losing your mind already! Are you so weak?”

“Mmmph,” said Harry his heart rejoicing. He figured out how to avoid revealing secrets while under the Cruciatus Curse. All he had to do, was concentrate on a miserable but neutral, memory, and that’s all Voldemort will see while torturing him.

“Crucio!” Voldemort caught Harry unaware this time. He tried to concentrate on something but the pain wouldn’t let him think. He was twitching and jerking until he felt that his head would burst. Then he threw up.

Voldemort lifted the Curse and Harry heard the jeers and laughter from the Death Eaters around them.

"Voldemort turned to Bellatrix. "Clean him up." Bellatrix then faced Harry and shouted, "Scourgify!" Harry gagged as pink soap bubbles came bursting out of his mouth."

The Death Eaters shrieked with laughter, as Harry looked for the spidery form and the black eyes of Snape. He couldn’t help remembering the way his own father tormented Snape. He has felt so bad for Snape at the time, but he wanted to hate Snape. He thought that seeing Snape laugh along with the Death Eaters will confirm to him that Snape was evil and deserved what he got from James. But when he found Snape's eyes, they weren’t laughing at all. He wasn’t tantalizing Harry with the rest of the Death Eaters, but he looked very angry for some reason, and for a fleeting moment Harry thought he saw Snape’s eyes shining with tears. Harry hadn’t had much brain left to try and figure out this strange sight and thought he just imagined the whole thing.

“Harry, what do you know about Horcruxes?” This brought Harry sharply back to where he was.

“I met your diary when I was twelve,” choked Harry hoping that this piece of information that Voldemort already knew will make it sound like this is as far as Dumbledore guessed about the Horcruxes.

“Finite,” Voldemort said and the pink bubbles stopped frothing in Harry's mouth “What did you say?”

“I said that I met Tom Riddle’s diary in Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom. Do you remember Myrtle? The girl you murdered at Hogwarts? It was probably your first murder. I actually felt sorry for Tom Riddle who had to live in a Muggle orphanage. But when I met you in the Chamber of Secrets, outside of your diary, and we were discussing our similar childhoods, I realized that there is nothing to feel sorry for. You are evil and cruel and there is no excuse for it. I also had a bad childhood and I am not evil,” Harry’s voice was shaking with physical pain and anger, “And Dumbledore told me that the diary I destroyed was your Horcrux."

“Yes,” laughed Harry spitefully, “Thanks to your faithful Death Eater Lucius Malfoy, your precious piece of evil soul was destroyed.”

“You’re still hiding something,” Voldemort said, and Harry, remembering, quickly looked away, “I will find out what it is.”

Harry had just time to think about Sirius and how he was murdered when the Curse hit him again. It was a horribly powerful one. Harry was jerking and shaking for so long he forgot who he was. All he knew was that he wanted the pain to stop, but when the Curse finally lifted the pain didn’t stop completely.

“You will tell me what you are trying to hide from me, will you not?” said Voldemort softly, “All I got from you now was your sorrow at the murder of your godfather. Maybe this just wasn’t painful enough. I think I will start a combined effort, do you agree?”

The Death Eaters looked excited as they formed a circle around Harry, this time, with Voldemort among them.

“Crucio!” yelled multiple voices together.

Harry never felt anything like this before. It was all consuming pain, it felt like his skin was being burned from the inside. He was screaming so hard he lost his voice, and couldn’t even scream anymore. He forgot his name, forgot his friends, he forgot why he existed.

When the Curse lifted he didn’t know where he was, but he knew only that he didn’t want to feel this pain again. He crawled away from the middle of the circle, just to be dragged back there with a spell from Voldemort’s wand. He didn’t know what he was doing or saying. He was crying, pleading, begging Voldemort to stop the pain; to let him die. He didn’t care that he sounded pathetic. He didn’t even know why he ever cared about having any pride or self respect. These things didn’t exist. He crawled to Voldemort and grabbed the bottom of his robes begging to be killed. Voldemort shot him back to the middle of the circle amid shouts of laughter.

“Just another dose of pain, you’ve almost completely lost your mind.”

Harry was crying like a baby, begging, begging...

“Crucio!” yelled all the Death Eaters together. Harry felt the blinding beams of light lifting him into the air, and leaving him suspended for at least an hour, vibrating in excruciating torturous pain. He had no idea if the Curse was even lifted or not as he was dropped heavily to the floor. The pain did not stop at all. He was jerking and twitching in agony.

He vaguely saw moving images and heard some voices talking around him, making out only a few sounds.

Voldemort was saying, “Severus, you and Little Malfoy stand guard here tonight. If you see him getting too comfortable, just torture him some more.”

“I will try to see tomorrow if there is any more useful information in his mind and then I’ll dispose of him,” he heard Voldemort answer one of the Death Eaters.

A few minutes later ,it got quieter. Then he heard Snape say, “I have to leave. You stay here and watch, okay?”

“No! Don’t leave me here alone with him, please,” he heard Draco plead.

“What’s the matter, you feel sorry for Potter?” he heard Snape’s reply.

“Of course not!” retorted Draco defiantly.

“Do you think Potter deserved this?” asked Snape quietly.

"Definitely, he defied our Master too many times.”

“Ok” he heard Snape resign.

And then it was silent. But - can that be? Harry imagined that he was heaing sobs coming from the corner where Draco was sitting. He wanted to turn to him and see if it was just his battered mind playing tricks, but his body refused to cooperate. It was moving; twisting and writhing in pain, but it wasn’t moving to where Harry wanted it to. So he just kept laying there whimpering and twitching.

A long while later he heard Snape’s voice, “Why were you crying?”

“Who said I was crying?” Draco said angrily.

“It’s okay to feel - .”

“I don’t feel sorry, just because you had to kill Dumbledore for me, doesn’t mean I am soft.”

“You don’t have to be soft to disagree with the Dark Lord. He is evil. It’s okay to feel uncomfortable with the things he does." Snape said sadly, "Here drink this.”

Draco asked sounding wary, “What the heck is this?”

“It’s a potion I made while I was out. Drink this, it will help you cope.”

It was silent for a while when Harry felt someone lift his head up gently and pour a liquid into his parched lips. He was so thirsty, the last time he had anything to drink was probably as long as a whole day. Who knows? Maybe more.

He coughed a little as he choked on the drink.

“Slowly, slowly. It’s a potion that will make you feel better. It will take away the pain.” The voice sounded like Snape, but it didn’t make sense. He sounded so gentle, almost loving. Like a father. Maybe it was really his father but his messed up mind was hearing Snape? This was so confusing to Harry that he just closed his eyes and stopped thinking. His shivering slowly subsided, and as his body was starting to relax, he shook with fresh sobs. Tears were rolling down his cheeks as the voice tried to sooth him and make him drink more potion. The potion that takes away the pain. He wondered whether he was dead and was starting to calm down. When he was feeling better, he opened his eyes and saw a very blurry shape looking at him with concern.

He started groping for his glasses. He wanted to know who that person was, to make some sense out of what was happening. The blurry figure gave Harry the glasses and when he looked through them he saw Snape looking at him like he never did before.

Harry sat up suddenly.

“You,” he whispered accusingly.

He saw Snape’s features relax in relief.

“What - why are - You murdered Dumbledore!” Harry said, which was all his blurry mind could think of saying.

“Listen, Potter, your friends from the Order will be coming to get you soon. I went to Hogwarts and I told them where to find you. Do me a favor, and don’t let the Dark Lord catch you again, because if you do, with your pathetic Occlumency abilities, he will know exactly how you escaped. And I will be handled the same way you were today, and I wouldn't last. I believe any normal person would lose their mind long before now. How you managed to keep your mind is a phenomena occurance that I will never understand.”

“Why?” asked Harry bewildered, “Why are you risking your life to save mine, after you killed Dumbledore in cold blood?”

“He asked me to. But why should I explain myself to you? You’re so arrogant you will not even try to understand or believe me. You are just like your father - .”

“Leave my father out of this, okay? I know what you did! It was your fault that Voldemort killed my parents. You’re the one who told him about the Prophecy!” Harry was too weak to get this angry. He was shaking so badly that he fell back down to the floor.

Snape made a move to help Harry, but seeing the look on his face he stopped.

"This is exactly the way your father was thinking when he made it known that I only told the Dark Lord a part of the Prophecy. The truth is, I heard the entire prophecy, but when I started to repeat it to the Dark Lord, he interrupted “the Potters” That’s when I just couldn’t go on. I refused to tell him any more and I told him that it was all I heard.

"When I went to Dumbledore, telling him what had happened and to warn your parents, your arrogant father thought I was just trying to get attention and he wasn’t careful with the secret that I lied to the Dark Lord. He found out. The Dark Lord found out in the end, I don’t know how. Maybe one of your father’s traitor friends told him about the rumor. The Dark Lord was mighty angry at me and you know what he is like when he is angry. It was very lucky that I was competent at Occlumency. Had he known that I had held anything back from him, I wouldn’t have lived to see the next day. But of course, you don’t have to believe me. You can make like your father and let the Dark Lord discover the truth about tonight. I don’t expect any better from James Potter’s son."

Harry stared, but before he could say anything, five members from the Order suddenly appeared behind Snape and yelled, “Stupefy!”

Snape fell to the ground unconscious.

“What did you do that for?” stormed Harry.

“Harry! You’re okay!” Lupin said in astonishment, giving Harry a hug.

“Snape is okay! He is on our side!” said Harry pushing Lupin away angrily. “You, all of you, always hated him for no reason. What made you think you needed to stun him? Wasn’t he the one to tell you how to get here unharmed?”

“It’s okay Harry, we know he is alright. It was the plan to stun him and Draco so that it wouldn’t look like he had a hand in it. Where is Draco?”

Harry turned to look, now that he mentioned it he didn’t see Draco for a while already.

“Oh here he is,” yelled Kingsley, “He is deep in sleep. Just as planned. Snape is a great potions maker.”

“Snape gave Draco a Sleeping Potion?” asked Harry in surprise.

“We didn’t want Draco to see that Snape was helping you. We were worried that Draco might tell You-Know-Who," said Bill, "He was the one who told him about your relationship with our family.”

“We'd better get going,” said Tonks, “Ron, Hermione, and Ginny are worried. Not to mention your mother, Bill, she is having kittens.”

“We will have to portkey out of here. There is no apperating allowed from here and flying is too dangerous. This place is surrounded with Death Eaters.” said Charley.

Tonks took a rag and said “Portus.”

Everyone touched the rag and in a swirl of wind and color, they were gone.[/fieldset]

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