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In Liz mind

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26 Re: In Liz mind on Mon Feb 21, 2011 6:18 am


Dream land
Dream on this land
As sweet whispers come
In the cold and dead of nights
What sweet lies ahead
Words are spoken
As life is pulled to nothing
that leaves a child standing alone
In the darken hill
Leaving it there to face
The Demons of the futures and past
A nips and growls
Helpless on the hill

Fight part 1
Hit the wall
Blood drops down
As the though of love had
Turned to Hate
To betary
Just so one can come to the top of it all.
Jump off the eged just to find it too late
as the water pulls you under
You fight to get up for air
For life.
Stair out to find nothing is looking back at you.
knowing that they are there in the shadows

Fight part 2
A night of fun
Turn sour
The long wait has come to an end
'chose chose' they voices called
Bearing down my teeth
Sharp pain running up and down me
Zaping going all around me
Holding her close
Thinking it was going to be droped on me
Closing eyes and beening rush in
Tears running down
thoughts of Many people all in once thought.
The burn of the wound
Now gone still burn by something much more....

the fool I was
I thought I knew
I thought I knew
when in the end it was only lies
Every word was end up the same way
And I was I fool to listen and let you in
With open arms I was under your spell
I started to Push everything I knew to be true away
What a fool
What a fool
I was not to see right through you...
A mistake that I am going to make right!!!
Even if it means I get to take out your neck
I wont let you hang over me anymore
I have found my reason
And My glassed eyes have been open once more!
Now it over
Now it over

bad warrior
I told you I wouldn't hurt you again.
I trun and lose my head again
As I f*ck up and have you in tears again
What a warrior I am...
I can protect you from anything and everything
Yet I can't protect you from me.
I don't mean for these things to happen to us
I don't me to mess up so bad.
Here I am on my back again begging you to forgive me again
when I am around you
You keep my head straight
When I am away from you
The Demons do come and play.
they turn me into a tool to hurt you again.

Poistion on your lips
Numbing pain
Stairing out
Becomeing nothing
Slipping into the maddness around me
Bowing down to your will yet again
I am slave to your rageing water.
Will my flame stand out under your water?

Online family
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27 Re: In Liz mind on Mon Feb 21, 2011 6:32 am


The words that came out
Feeling got smashed
Anger show later
Trying to keep a level head
Box over box throwing out
Box over box throwing back in
once good thought turn into fear
Losing what was there rushing over me
Later on a drink up my love
All seemed to be made right
Still thinking all was lost
Until I felt movement
And Happiness over took me.
It is better now from the flash of craziness.


Throw me in here
And throw the keys
Is what you did.
To tamed the beast
The wicked beast within
To lay down and obey
You say is my only on proposed in life.
To never touch the sky again
Or to feel the moon light in my hair.
Lay down and obey
Is all I can do it seems.
The pain in the chest to see my world die
A slow and painful death.
As I long to die with it.
But the Beast will never be tamed
The flame shacks the cage
And the beast wants out
but all I can do is lay down and obey.
I myself have no fight left in me.
My once wild self slowly fades
Like my world dies.
Obey, Obey, Obey, and Breath.

this picture what made me think of this poem would fit together. the more I read it the more it reminds me of something what I don't know. the poem that is.

Online family
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28 Re: In Liz mind on Mon Feb 21, 2011 6:34 am


Full Moon

Full moon
Hanging high in a kiss star Night sky
You forsanken one of your daughter
I follow you fatefuly
Like a severnt than a daughter
Yes you still forsanken me
I howl out
In dispared longing for your embrass once more
You left me feeling empty
Not whole
Why me out of all of your children
Why turn on me??
Howls out curssing my mother moon
wanting to feel the moon light in my fur again
to feel the wind through my fur
Flicking my tail around and running with my brother
All the things I miss
About who I am...
Now that you forsaken me
Who and what I am?
Am I a freak among the freakest?

Blood, Tears, Ties

breath, blood, and tears
Mixed high over my head.
Stane of this path that has lead me here
Can't bear to cut the ties.
laying there feeling just as broken
My warrior calls to me
My Gaurdain calls to me too
Cut by their pain
Unable to get to both
Blood and Tears
Mixed in the air
unable to save them from their pain
Let alone my own.
not wanting the ties broken
With tears running down
Shaken hands
Minds raceing a mile a secdons
What could I do stop the hurt
blood ties strong
Sweet words
and the world fades.

Online family
Hex-My owner/Azael-Mistress&little sis/Abbadon-Vampire Master
Raven-My friendly ear/Emmy-me elf wifie/Fuarie-Roleplay bubby
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29 Re: In Liz mind on Mon Feb 21, 2011 7:23 am


It it really you?
This is just a damn dream
You are just a dream
I can think I kiss you
I think I touch your cheek
Dream of you holding me like you used to
My once laybay throw me in a nightmare
As darkness take you from me
And try to take me
Let the blue fire burn
Your not here
And with a slap to the face
this is not a dream
But how??
You was gone
I saw your last breath took

Now my world
is throw
up into the sky
As I trone between
You both have my heart
I can't choose
I wont..
Please don't make me
I need you both
You both my armor
I can't help it...
I know you both most likely
Hate me now...
I love you both
I can't live without you
Please don't make me
If not
Just cut out my heart and burn it!
because I can't have it
without you both.
I need , both of you, my warrior, and my mate!
I can't live without all four of you.
Don't make me choose!!!!!!!!

Online family
Hex-My owner/Azael-Mistress&little sis/Abbadon-Vampire Master
Raven-My friendly ear/Emmy-me elf wifie/Fuarie-Roleplay bubby
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