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Poetry Contest! Poet coner-Nov. 2010

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1 Poetry Contest! Poet coner-Nov. 2010 on Tue Nov 02, 2010 5:56 am


Welcome Our great and kind Poets. Let see what if we all have it to take Claim this Mouth Poet of the Month. Othere there has to be some rules in all contest.

Like a Star @ heaven You can only posted one poem each mouth.
Like a Star @ heaven it will go from 3rd to 20th of each month. That will be when we started to cast our vote.By poll.
Like a Star @ heaven We asked that if you win this month we asked for you to sit out next month. to give everyone a fair chance to win.
Like a Star @ heaven Please no posting comments about the poems in this thread. There will be a thread for that in Geral Chat. Link will be posted in the next post.

Happy Posting and Writing cant wait to see what kind of poems we get.

2 Re: Poetry Contest! Poet coner-Nov. 2010 on Tue Nov 02, 2010 6:04 am



Link above for the comment thread. please read the first post and cosured a warning but I am sure we all mautre enough not do so such a thing. So let the games begain.

Online family
Hex-My owner/Azael-Mistress&little sis/Abbadon-Vampire Master
Raven-My friendly ear/Emmy-me elf wifie/Fuarie-Roleplay bubby
Kreszen-my keeper

3 Re: Poetry Contest! Poet coner-Nov. 2010 on Thu Nov 11, 2010 5:43 am

Angelic Abbadon

Angelic Abbadon
Humanity is out there somewhere
Lost in a fog of hate
Lies, disease, and pain
All alone the people see their time
Come and go embracing the ending

As the heroes fall
The evil rises
Shame becomes our savior
Savior of ourselves

Embrace this ending
Humanity I beg you for the fallen
Be their savior
Swallow their shame for them

Be the voice of the voiceless
Be the martyr for the forgotten
Be the angel of the fallen

Dawn approaches fast
Save the choice
As night will descend again
upon this earthly domain

For you to once again be their champion
Savior of the weak
Friend of the dying

Fallen lover
Fallen friend
Fallen kin
Fallen is all we are

The wings have been torn
The flesh has been scarred
The heart has been torn out.

Now you see us for what we are
Angels in darkness
Fallen from grace
Heartless yet longing to love

For the voice of the voiceless
For the enigma that is our world
This is the beautiful tragedy we live in
Be the Angel of the Fallen.

Cloudless night
The moon invades the erie air
Silence all around us

My lover's hand
My goddess' Eyes
My brown eyed guardian

I give her my all
My wings
My breath
My life

For her i would die
for her i now am i alive
Drinking the wine of our love
I will never fall
"Azrael... "I love you", I whisper to your ear.

4 Re: Poetry Contest! Poet coner-Nov. 2010 on Mon Dec 06, 2010 7:25 pm


Congrates Abbadon you are Nov 2010 Poet of the Month

Online family
Hex-My owner/Azael-Mistress&little sis/Abbadon-Vampire Master
Raven-My friendly ear/Emmy-me elf wifie/Fuarie-Roleplay bubby
Kreszen-my keeper

5 Re: Poetry Contest! Poet coner-Nov. 2010 on Sat Dec 11, 2010 4:35 am

*Angelic Azrael*

*Angelic Azrael*
He make Her laugh even when he's no where near.
He is her light when she is dark, he is the air that she breaths
he is the beat that keeps her heart going.
He is her light.
He is her warmth when she is cold.
He is her happiness when she feels unhappy she thinks of him.
He is the electricity that runs through her body
The image in her dream
Her life, her reason, her bondmate
Her eternal lover
He is Her light
He is Her moon, her sun, her stars
her furture, her life, her smile
He is her light
The light in her eyes the fast beat of her heart when he is near.
He is her everything she could not live without him.
He is her life, Her warrior her protector as She is his Guardian.
He is her life.


*outside under the moonlight in
the arms of the one i love looking how
beautiful he looks in the moonlight..
***Azrael loves her Abbadon no matter what***

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